Sept. 11-13, 2017 | St. Louis, MO

SG Biofuels Completes $17 Million Series B

SG Biofuels, a bioenergy crop company meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil by using breeding and biotechnology to produce elite hybrid seeds of Jatropha, was founded in 2007 and selected to present at the Ag Innovation showcase 3 years later, in 2010.

Following their participation in the Showcase, SG Biofuels completed a $17 million Series B financing round with participation from Finistere Ventures (who is represented on the event’s Advisory Committee by Arama Kukutai) to cost-effectively scale large plantation projects and significantly expand total worldwide acreages of planted Jatropha.

SG Biofuels has now launched operations in Brazil and India and has confirmed customer orders for more than 250,000 acres of their hybrid Jatropha seed.

Kirk is now a member of the Ag Innovation Showcase Advisory Committee.

The Ag Innovation Showcase was a great way to continue to raise the profile of our business and deliver a short introduction to Green & Grow to the right audience all assembled at the same place and the same time.