Sept. 11-13, 2017 | St. Louis, MO
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Each year, the Ag Innovation Showcase features the most promising Ag start-ups and research projects pursuing solutions in ag-biotech, renewable energy, sustainable materials, animal health, soil & water, and farming technology from across the globe. Our alumni companies, many of whom have achieved significant success, are visible ambassadors of our mission. They transform ideas into practical solutions that combine humanitarian concern with commercial viability. 


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2017 Presenting Companies

Food: Ingredients and Markets - New Sources

Consumers are increasingly aware and concerned about the nutritional value of their food. Companies in this block are commercializing innovations to bring ingredients into the food system from new sources that include protein from insect farms and other naturally-occurring ingredients at reduced cost via commercial enzymatic processes.

Food & Farm: Decontamination and Disease Detection

Food safety remains an important problem that companies in this block are addressing by the detection or the decontamination of foods and facilities. Innovations address rapid in line testing of foods and production facilities and animals to identify problems before they leave a facility as well as providing sterilization of stored food materials.

Food & Farm: Beneficials and Biologics

Healthy soils, plants, and animals produce greater yields. This block of companies addresses sustainable products to provide these inputs to the food system through beneficial microbes or protection from pests using innovations based on biology and nutrition.

Feast of Data: Input Market - Genetics

Advances in the processes by which crop genomes are manipulated and modified continues to offer promise for climate smart agriculture. Innovations from this block of companies either improve the viability of pollen and therefore of seed production or improve the traits which plants carry so as to increase scalability, yields and stress tolerance.

Feast of Data: Forecast & Visualizations

The ability to forecast outcomes provides the opportunity to improve farming decisions. Companies in this block are developing technologies that better forecast weather, the performance of specific genetic varieties for specific growing environments and climates, and costs of farming activities.

Food & Farm: Recovery of Inputs

Creating loops out of production chains improves environmental impacts and provides opportunities for cost savings. Companies in this block highlight innovations in recycling and reclaiming solid inputs from waste streams of water or solvents.