Sept. 11-13, 2017 | St. Louis, MO

Event History

  • Sept. 11-13, 2017

    The 2017 Showcase was sold out for the third year. With the backdrop of mergers and consolidation going on in the agriculture industry, our keynote speaker, Adrian Percy shared an expansive view of the state of the art, the science and the challenges from the perspective of Bayer Crop Strategies. We convened a “disruptive dialogue” to explore innovations that address soil health. For the View from the Farm we turned to next generation family farmers. Companies presented innovations targeted at problems in a variety of markets including: ingredients and new sources for healthy ingredients; decontamination and disease detection for food safety; inputs of genetics, “beneficials” and biologics; climate forecasting; and recovery and recycling of inputs to create production loops to reduce waste across production chains.

  • Sept. 12-14, 2016

    The 2016 Showcase sold out for the second year. We continued our exploration of global agriculture and food production issues, which included innovative solutions to food waste, and the build-up of consumer trust and social license for emerging technologies like gene editing. We expanded the View from the Farm to include perspectives from large contract growers, California fresh produce growers, and indoor growers regarding the technical, environmental, and reputational issues that farmers are facing. Presenting companies spanned three themes:

    • Precision Ag and Automation: from data collection to analytics, from artificial intelligence to integration of various innovations, aimed at better operational decisions and forecasts for financial and economic outcomes.
    • Agriculture inputs, diagnostic tools, and breeding: focused on increasing sustainability and lowering costs for farmers and ranchers including sustainable animal production, animal vaccines, plant disease detection, and bio-based inputs for improved plant health and crop yields.
    • Alternative Systems for food and feedstocks
  • The 2015 Showcase was a sold out event featuring presenting companies from 12 countries, attendees from across the globe, and dialogues on Ag’s most pressing topics. We challenged attendees to think of new ways to discuss the GMO debate, introduced ideas about how to build a safer more sustainable food supply chain, and discussed the ways that data tools can be used to create more adaptive ag systems. Four of the presenting companies were women owned business, eight brought biological solutions to the market, and several jumped industry lines with their concepts. 

  • The 2014 Ag Innovation Showcase set another record and has ascended to world-class status. We discussed major issues facing Ag from the profile of the new modern farmer to the role of biotechnology beyond GMs. After 6 years, the Showcase has proven to be more than a conference but a community with new faces joining the ones who have attended since its inception in 2009.  

  • 5 Years Energizing Ag Innovation

    In 2013, the Showcase covered a diverse set of topics including sustainability and re-use, food security, precision agriculture, and the use of data in farm management. Through lively discussion, the Showcase was able to bring all of these elements together into what closing keynote speaker, Jim Budzynski, called “Ag 3.0.”

  • Crossing Borders: Advancing Ag in Emerging Economies 

    In 2012, the Showcase attracted a record number of 11 countries, including China, India, and South Africa. Discussions focused on the unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities for Ag in emerging markets, as well as how to drive funding in the food and agriculture industries.    

  • New Frontiers in Ag Research: Tools to Drive Discovery

    In 2011, the Showcase sought to explore the unique challenges faced by members of the Agriculture industry as they continue to drive the industry forward. Discussions focused on how to develop new tools to drive innovation, challenges to Ag entrepreneurs, and how to increase investment in Ag related research. 

  • Is Agriculture the Next Cleantech?

    In 2010, the Showcase focused on the intersection between energy and agriculture. Speakers and panels discussed the myriad of ways agriculture is both affected by energy issues and how it plays a role in developing new energy alternatives. 

  • Spurring Ag Innovation Through Public-Private Partnerships 

    In its inaugural year, the Ag Innovation Showcase brought together key influencers across various sectors of the agriculture industry in order to highlight, discuss, and bring new solutions to the top issues and concerns facing the industry. We were ahead of the cruve and anticipated the nexus of agriculture & data, “precision agriculture.”